The low-input optoisolated series of Functional Devices, Inc. RIB® relays offers the features of regular RIB® relays with the added benefit of extremely low current draw on the input. This means you can operate a 10 to 20 Amp relay from a controller (or other device) that cannot source the typical amount of current required to operate a relay. Low-input optoisolated RIB® relays require a separate constant power source input, but this can be a local 120, 208, 240, or 277 Vac power source (depending on model). Many models may also be powered from 10-30 Vac/dc or 24 Vac/dc. The control input is separate and only draws 0.4 mA @ 5 Vdc or 3 mA @ 24 Vac. The control input can be connected to an analog output, digital output, or other low power signal to control the relay. The analog output can be run to bottom-scale to turn the relay off and top-scale to turn the relay on. The optoisolation is also useful if there is a need to protect a controller from a potential feedback or voltage transients. Low-input RIB® relays are available in enclosed and track mount models.

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