Power Supplies

The enclosed models feature one or two transformers pre-packaged in a NEMA 1 enclosure and are intended for mounting in the enclosure of the user’s choice. The transformers are available in 40VA, 75VA, and 100VA. A switch / circuit breaker is provided for each transformer and on “B10” models a switch / circuit breaker is present for controlling power for the entire unit. An LED indicates the presence of 24 Vac on the Class 2 terminals on the outside of the enclosure, or wires on the inside. An internal high-voltage wiring compartment and two 120 Vac grounded convenience outlets are provided on most models. Each power supply series is available with a number of various options.

OSHPD Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP)

As of September 22, 2020, most of our PSH Series models (40VA – 500VA) are preapproved (OSP) for OSHPD Seismic Certification. Please click here to view our OSP Certification.