About Us

Functional Devices was founded in 1969 by Albert Rittmann, an engineer with a love for tinkering with electronics.

Over the years, we have expanded our product lines to serve a broad range of industries including building automation, HVAC, lighting, electrical, panel shops, fire & safety, wireless, and power monitoring.

We are best known for our RIB® (Relay in a Box®) brand product lines. We manufacture our products in the heartland of Indiana where every unit is tested before it leaves the production floor to ensure our customers get the product quality they have come to expect. RIB’s ease of installation, product performance and durability are why our customers enjoy confidence and peace of mind in every box with each RIB purchase.

Our People

The RIB Team is committed to customer success.

Our Sales & Marketing team works proactively to identify customer and market needs. Our Customer Service team reaches out to onboard new customers and answer all their questions. Our Production team diligently builds RIB products that are known for their long-lasting and easy-to-install qualities. Our Shipping team carefully packages product for timely and accurate order fulfillment. Our in-house Engineering team develops innovative products, many of which are derived from ideas submitted by our customers. Our engineers are also available and accessible to provide full technical support for selection and installation of RIB products.

Sales Team

Angie Jarvis

Customer Service & Inside Sales Manager

Amy Reed

Lighting Customer Service Coordinator
Blake Morgan 1

Blake Morgan

Midwestern Regional Sales Manager

Cale Gerlach

Director of Outside Sales
Chance Beene

Chance Beene

Regional Sales Customer Service

Dave Siefers

Product Manager

Dolores Medlen

National & Key Account Customer Service

Hannah Kibler

Director of Marketing

Matt Holder

Southern Regional Sales Manager
Matt Orr

Matt Orr

Manufacturers Representative Manager

Nick Walker

Electrical Distributors Sales Manager

Olivia Wright

Electrical Dist Customer Service & Order Management
Rick Alexander 1

Rick Alexander

Northeastern Regional Sales Manager
Ryan Smith 1

Ryan Smith

Western Regional Sales Manager

Engineering – Technical Support Team

Henry Smith


Matt Long

VP of Engineering

Noah Smith


Sam Klennert


Tym Moore


Core Values

Committed to Quality

We strive for our products to have zero failures in the field. We demonstrate this value by testing and inspecting every item we produce in Indiana. We extend this commitment beyond just product quality and into every aspect of our jobs. We provide quality service to our customers with on-time and accurate deliveries, knowledgeable technical support, and dedicated relationships – in-person and over the phone.


We adapt to our circumstances. We make products that have a variety of applications, attempting to solve as many problems as possible with a single product. We come to work ready to do our jobs and prepared to respond to changing demands as situations arise. We are energized by change and believe it is necessary for long-term success.


We believe outcomes are more successful when we collaborate. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses and celebrate our successes together. We welcome feedback from our current and potential customers to improve our products and service. Internally, we work as a team, focus on the positive, and achieve great results together.


We make good ideas into great ideas. As the creators of the original “Relay in a Box®,” it is our goal to introduce new ideas to the market that save our customers time and money. We innovate new processes throughout the organization to deliver value to our customer and remain competitive in a global marketplace.


We have high expectations of ourselves and each other. We treat our customers and vendors as our partners, establishing trustworthy relationships by being compassionate and fair. Honesty and integrity run rampant throughout the organization. We accept responsibility for our actions, correct our course when necessary, and learn from our past to improve future outcomes. We work hard to improve ourselves and the lives of those around us. We agree with William Penn when he said, “Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”