Wireless Devices

Functional Devices, Inc. wireless control relays offer all the same advantages of our standard RIB® line without the expense and difficulty of traditional hardwiring. Bypassing the hardwiring of a control relay to a standard switch saves the installer time, effort, and money along with increasing the flexibility of switch and load configuration.

Using EnOcean’s “energy harvesting” technology, any 902 MHz EnOcean® enabled transmitter will activate RIB’s wireless control relay via an EnOcean® receiver module inside the relay enclosure. RIB® offers enclosed models powered by 120, 208, 240, and 277 Vac, and 24 Vac/dc, as well as models in a ballast size housing for use with fluorescent light fixtures. We offer 902 MHz transmitters, including a wall rocker switch, solar door/window switch, keycard switch, and occupancy/vacancy sensors (wall and ceiling mount.)

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