Power Control

Power control centers (PSP models) have been pre-packaged to include two 120 Vac grounded convenience outlets as well as a 4 or 10 Amp switch / circuit breaker for controlling the output power. The outlets can be continuously powered or controlled by the switch / circuit breaker, selectable by internal jumper. Auxiliary outputs are provided for convenient control panel installations.

Our power control units (SIB models) utilize the Functional Devices standard small enclosure to house simple switching schemes. The product labels can be ordered with custom content to fit your project.

Track mount circuit breaker switches provide a convenient addition to control panels, allowing a circuit to be switched and overload protected. Circuits can be low voltage (24 Vac) or line voltage (120 Vac).

Our uninterruptible power supplies provide either a 600 or 850 VA commercial UPS, along with an enclosure and interface board, which allows an installer to hardwire line voltage to the provided UPS while giving the ability to hardwire the UPS to the final load. These models are also available without the UPS or as just the interface board for use in an enclosure of your choice.

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