120 Vac Phase Angle Dimmer LR01F600

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Get familiar with our LR01F600 Phase Angle Dimmer

This device is powered by 120 Vac and has a dimmed line voltage (120 Vac) output. The output can go to a light or branch of lights to control the lighting level. This dimmer device can handle up to 600 Watts of lighting at 120 Vac. The dimming level is controlled by a 0-10 Vdc analog signal. The device can be configured for Leading Edge or Trailing Edge Dimming as well as a Sinking or Sourcing 0-10 Vdc Inputs.

LR01F600 Phase Angle Dimmer

120 Vac Input Power   |   120 Vac Phase Angle Dimming   |   Selectable Dimming Modes
Dim up to 600 Watts on a Lighting Circuit   |   0-10 Vdc Input to Control Lighting Level

Current Sink 0-10V Controller

Typically used for Commercial Applications

Current Sink 0 10V Diagram 600x426 1

Current Source 0-10V Controller

Typically used for Theatrical Applications

Current Source 0 10V Diagram 600x428 1

For more information about our LR01F600 Phase Angle Dimmer, feel free to contact us or visit the product page on our website.

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