Controlling a Pool Cover with EnOcean® Enabled Wireless Devices

Tech Tuesday Controlling a Pool Cover with EnOcean® Enabled RIB® Relays Wireless Devices


Recently I got a tech support call from a homeowner asking if they could use our RIB® relays to control a swimming pool cover. The customer wanted to control their pool cover from multiple places throughout the house. There was no switch or sensor on either end of the pool, so there was no end-stop limit. With a little creativity, we were able to solve the problem. And the best part is – we go wireless.


With the large amount of wiring that would be involved, we started looking at wireless options. A few decora-style two-position wall switches (WWS2-EN3) and two EnOcean® enabled wireless RIB® relays (RIBW01B-EN3) allowed for an easy application.

The wireless switches would be tied to the clockwise and counterclockwise legs of a reversible motor. Only one direction of the pool cover could be powered at a time. For example, the top position of the switch could open the cover, and the bottom position of the switch could close the cover. The switch is programmed as momentary. This is a bonus. No end switch needs to be installed, and the cover can be stopped anywhere the owner wants.

The wiring for the WWS2-EN3 switch is also very simple – it has no wires or batteries and does not require solar light. That’s right! Just stick it or screw it to your wall and you’re done. The relay transceivers are simple to wire up, too. Take a look at the image below which illustrates the application.

V3114 Controlling a Pool Cover with EnOcean Enabled Wireless Devices

If you own a pool, you may consider using our wireless products to make controlling your pool cover a breeze. We would be happy to walk you through the application. If you have any questions or need support for our other products, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

David Mackey
David Mackey

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