Low Inrush Current Relay Coil

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Here at Functional Devices, we have many RIB relay options to choose from and, as per usual, we were recently able to help a customer find exactly what they needed for their application. A couple of weeks ago, someone inquired through Tech Support to see if we have a relay device with low or limited inrush current on the relay coil. A relay coil with low or limited inrush current is helpful when the device or controller sending the voltage signal to the coil is sensitive to how the relay coil draws in that current. If the current is drawn too fast and at a high amount, then it could be detrimental to the controller.

That’s why the engineers here at Functional Devices worked to create a RIB relay that is better suited for those types of applications. The RIBL1C-DC model is what we can provide:

RIBL1C DC 600x281 1

Notice that the RIBL1C-DC has the 10-30V coil input range but the big detail to take note of is that the coil input voltage is DC voltage. Notice the red underlined “10-30 Vdc” in the image above. This model does not have the ability to be powered by AC and DC voltage.

The RIBL1C-DC is not a well-known RIB relay, but my hope is that this blog post will make you aware that we have a relay for nearly every application. If there are any technical questions or concerns, feel free to send in an email or give us a call. We’re happy to help you find the best RIB product!

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