No More Second-Guessing with Versatile RIB Relays

Functional Devices offers a number of relays that can be used for many tasks. Check out this Tech Tuesday to learn more about them!

Tech Tuesday Versatile RIB Relays

It’s a great feeling when you get the job done right the first time and never have to touch it again. There’s just something about a job well done! Here at Functional Devices, we’re all about helping to get that job done well. That’s why we have a couple special relays that cover many tasks. Out of all the relays we offer, the following two are certainly ones to have stocked in your truck or on your shelves!

Versatile RIB Relays

The RIB2421C and RIB2421B are the perfect truck or shelf relays you’re looking for and can cover a lot of applications. The coil voltage options range from 24Vac or 24Vdc and covers line voltages from 120Vac to 208-277Vac. I’m sure it’s already obvious how convenient these coil voltage options are!

The RIB2421C has a SPDT relay with a 10A General Use @ 277Vac contact rating. It’s a great pilot duty relay that can be used to turn other devices on or off. It comes enclosed in our smallest NEMA 1 relay enclosure, pre-wired, and includes an LED to signify power to the coil. A ½” threaded hub makes this a breeze to install.

The RIB2421B also has a SPDT relay, but this one is more heavy-duty with a 20A contact rating @ 277Vac. This is a great power relay, making it possible to make or break line voltage to a motor, heater, or any other high voltage load within the device’s contact ratings. This handy relay comes in our medium NEMA 1 enclosure, pre-wired, and includes an LED to signify power to the coil. Once again, a ½” threaded hub makes installation quick and painless.

Be sure to have these two relay models handy – they can cover many different controls applications! When the work is done, know that you can walk away with the confidence that these relays will be switching for a long time.

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