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I know what you’re thinking… What is a company that is known for making relays and power supplies doing, writing a blog about BACnet?

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What Functional Devices is really known for is creating time-saving products that help controls companies install their systems with ease. For example, we make a relay that you can energize with a range of voltage found on just about any control project. Another great is example is our power supply that makes it possible to centrally locate all your low voltage power needs in one spot. Plus, it features a low voltage compartment so control techs can easily access their connections without worrying about coming into contact with line voltage.  So, it goes without saying, every product that we manufacture comes into fruition in an effort to save time and money on projects. 

What better way to save time and money than by eliminating costs associated with wiring? Your building already has BACnet ran throughout it for the Building Automation Controllers, so we created some relays and logic boards that live on your BACnet network. Save time and money pulling wiring to equipment, and use the BACnet network to send commands and read values.

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From a simple BACnet relay (with built in Current Switch connection) that you can use to enable an exhaust fan, to a logic board that adds 12 Binary Inputs to your control system. Or how about a relay with an analog input and output? You could use that and save several valuable I/O on your expensive controllers. Not to mention it reduces the amount of wires you’d have to run in that conduit that you keep thinking about being overfilled instead of sleeping at night. 

As a controls installer, you’ve got enough to worry about. BACnet products from RIB Building Automation are designed to solve the problems that have you counting pieces of popcorn on the ceiling, so you can get a good nights rest and deal with real problems, like what you’re going to do with all the free time you’re going to have from using RIB’s BACnet products. 

Check out our full line of “Intelligent Field Devices” to see all the possibilities!

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