The Ultimate Lighting Setup

Setting up a fully automated lighting system can seem frustrating, but we have a solution in this brand new Tech Tuesday!

Tech Tuesday The Ultimate Lighting Setup

Lighting controls are becoming more and more automated. People want the lights to do what they need to without having to interact with them at all: Turn on when needed and dim and turn off when not. To do this, the lights would need to turn on whenever someone enters a room, but only to a level that takes into account natural light, turn off when no one is around, and turn on emergency lights at full brightness no matter the situation, or any other combination of these tasks. Setting this up can seem frustrating. Luckily, we here at Functional Devices have a solution!

Using the ESRN or ESRB, LR21BPP5, and a LSDHPDC and/or a LSPIRC, you can have all your lights completely automated. Behold, the wiring diagram:LR21BPP5, ESRN Wiring Diagram

The concept of this wiring diagram is pretty simple. Instead of including a manual dimmer switch in your UL924 application, simply put in a powerpack with a daylight harvesting sensor, or even with a vacancy sensor such as the LSPIRC. The power pack will act as the switch leg into the ESR device, enabling both your normal and emergency lights to be controlled by the sensors.

There’s also a lot you can do with this setup. You can add as many vacancy sensors as you need, and even include an override switch. The best part is that this setup can work with almost any line voltage powered 0-10V dimmable lighting fixture (As long as they stay within the ESR contact ratings of course).

That’s pretty much it. An install-it-and-leave-it lighting system. Customize it the way you want! If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

Tym Moore
Tym Moore

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