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When it comes to the Wireless RIB relays we offer, the installation can get tedious. Thinking on the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” I wondered how many words a video is worth. All that to say, here are a couple of videos and some explanations to show how to effectively “Learn” and “Clear” two wireless RIB relays.

Tech Tuesday Wireless RIB Installation

“Learning” the Wireless RIBs

“Learning” two wireless RIBs

In the video above, there are two RIBW24B-EN3 wireless RIB relays. What I’m hoping you notice is how long the “LRN” buttons are held down. For the RIB on the left, hold the LRN button down for no more than 1 second. Then, for the RIB on the right, hold the LRN button down until you see its red LED just light up. As soon as that red LED lights up, release the LRN button.

If done correctly, you will see each RIB light up its red LED for a longer time. Those long-lights are confirmation telegrams. After you see that, you know the two RIBs are “Learned” together. You can confirm that by testing the Wht/Red and Wht/Blu wires.

What if you need to clear the two wireless RIBs? See the following video:

“Clearing” the Wireless Ribs

“Clearing” two wireless RIBs

Same two wireless RIBs as the first video, but this time you will see the “Clearing” procedure. This video shows the two RIBs that have already been paired up. We need to effectively clear them, so go to one of the RIBs and hold the “CLR” button down for a 3-second count (one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi). When done correctly, you will see the red LED of that unit flash on/off, which indicates the unit’s memory has been cleared. Do the same for the other unit.

Finally, go ahead and completely kill the incoming power to the wireless RIB relays. After many Tech Support calls on these units, I’ve found that killing the power to the units while the LED is flashing will help to give the wireless RIB a fresh start. Wait 5 seconds or so, then re-apply input power. You will see me do all this in the video immediately above.

That’s it – as easy as that! One may also find the instructions for our wireless relays within the Wireless Relays Application Manual. The videos in this blog apply to all the wireless RIB devices we offer.

If you’re still having issues after watching the videos and trying it all out, don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask for Tech Support. We’re happy to help.

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