RIB® Large AC Power Supplies

The RIB Large AC Power Supply Product Line provides the safety and confidence your customers deserve, with the only UL Listed Class 2 Large Power Supplies on the market. These power supplies are pre-packaged and ready for easy installation in the field. This saves your technicians and installers time, resulting in lower labor costs.

The Hi/Lo Voltage Separation models (SKUs containing “-LVC”) have a separate compartment for high voltage and provide accessibility and safety to service your system without interrupting power to other equipment. On/Off Circuit breakers and LED status indicators make it easy to troubleshoot multiple controllers at once, without affecting controllers in other zones. Multi-Tap primary power makes this device a universal fit for your project, and an accessory outlet on some models (SKUs containing “AB10-LVC”) is available for convenient access to the power receptacle while a technician is working in the area.

To find the right product for your needs, utilize our filter menu on the left to hone down our 200 VA, 300 VA, and 500 VA AC Power Supply models.

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