5 Devices with Manual Overrides

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We all know building automation is great. Heck, automation in general is fantastic. The fact that you can set something up and let it run itself is one of the reasons we can live in relative comfort compared to ages past. However, despite all it’s advantages, sometimes you need to turn all the automation off. This could be for maintenance purposes, testing, or even just a different schedule than usual. Whatever the case, having controls with manual overrides can be useful. So, with that, here are 5 products with built in manual overrides.

RIBU1S Functional Devices Relay in a Box

Let’s start with a simple one. The RIBU1S is a 10 Amp SPST relay with 10-30Vac/dc and 120Vac coils, as well as an override switch. Basically, this thing is a classic RIBU1C but with the option to manually control your load downstream. Let’s say it’s in the typical location between your thermostat and heater. Need to do some maintenance on the heater? Just turn the switch on the RIB to “off” without messing with the thermostat. Want to test your fix but don’t have the patience for the thermostat to call for heat? Just switch the RIB to “on”. The override switch adds an extra layer of convenience with numerous uses.

SIB02S Functional Devices Switch in a Box

2. SIB02S
Next is the SIB02S. What’s a SIB you ask? Similarly to RIB being a Relay In a Box, a SIB is a Switch In a Box! I really don’t think I need to explain much past this point. It’s literally an override switch itself. It’s a great buy if you got a RIBU1C instead of a RIBU1S, or really just need to put a switch in somewhere.

RIBL12SBM Functional Devices Relay in a Box

A bit more interesting than the SIB is the RIBL12SBM, a 20 Amp latching relay with a 12Vac/dc coil. Not only does it have an override switch, but also an auxiliary contact. This is great for feeding back to a controller so you can tell if the relay is overridden or not.

RIBMW24B-44-BC Functional Devices Bacnet Relay

4. RIBMW24B-44-BC
On the network compatible side of things is the RIBMW24B-44-BC. The BACnet device has four relays that can all be controlled by networks commands. It also has, you guessed it, four relay overrides. This device is particularly great for overrides because the state of each relay can always be communicated via BACnet. This way if you forget to switch a relay back after performing maintenance or whatnot, you’ll know about it.

RIBMNA1D0 Functional Devices Relay in a Box

Last is a lesser-known device for overriding control signals, the RIBMNA1D0. The overrides on this handy little device are more than a simple on or off. It also overrides analog signals such as 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 0-15Vdc and 4-20mA. This is great for if you want to set your load to a specific level for testing purposes, or if the controller simply isn’t doing what you want it to.

There you have it. Five devices that have overrides. Of course, we have many more where that came from. If you have a specific application that’s needs an override, be sure to contact us at tech support.

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