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Tech Tuesday Prepackaged Power Supplies

Do you need low voltage power at multiple locations on a job? You could run high voltage to each location, add a transformer, put in circuit protection, and add a switch, but running high voltage all over the place can get expensive. You could also bring the high voltage to a centralized location and build your own low voltage power distribution panel. Just put in multiple transformers to isolate each circuit, add terminal strips for the inputs and outputs, put in some primary and secondary circuit protection, add primary and secondary switches, add some indicators, maybe add a convenience outlet, wire it all up, and get it UL approved so the inspector is happy. Oh, and provide separation between the high voltage and low voltage, so the controls engineer can safely work without PPE. All that sounds expensive and time consuming, not to mention troubleshooting time if something does not work the first time. As my dad sometimes tells my aunt, “Shirley, there’s another way.”

At Functional Devices, Inc. we pride ourselves on offering prepackaged products that save time and money for the installer. To get everything mentioned above in one neat and compact panel, order one of the following power supplies:

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The image above shows our PSH500AB10-LVC. The main breaker/switch is located on the outside. Directly below it is a convenience outlet with its own 4 Amp breaker. There is a two-piece lid. One covers the high voltage side of the supply and the other allows access to the low voltage circuits. Each of the secondary circuits are isolated from one another. They have their own 4 Amp circuit breaker, an ON/OFF switch, LED indicator, and pluggable terminal. The diagram below shows the internal connections of PSH500AB10-LVC.

One of the notable features of these supplies is the low voltage compartment (LVC). It provides Hi/Lo voltage separation for safety. All the secondary circuits in the supplies are Class 2 low voltage. Having the compartment to separate these connections from the high voltage means a technician can access the circuits for commissioning or troubleshooting in a safe and cost-effective manner. The secondary LED indicators aid in troubleshooting and the ON/OFF switches allow for maintenance of downstream loads. We also offer versions of these power supplies without all the bells and whistles and offer advantages over a one-off solution.

These UL Listed, distributed, low voltage power supplies can allow anyone to standardize on a versatile solution to save time and money on their next controls job. Why go with the Do-It-Yourself approach each time you spec a project? Give your installers and technicians what they want, a simple, consistent, straightforward power solution they can trust. That is why we say that Functional Devices, Inc. offers “Confidence & Peace of Mind in Every Box”™.

Henry Smith
Henry Smith

Henry Smith is the Product Design Manager at Functional Devices, Inc. He has a BS in EET obtained from Purdue University in 2014 and a lifelong interest in electronics. As an engineer at Functional Devices, he gets to provide Technical Support to our customers, from distributors to specifying engineers and installers.

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