Find the Best DC Power Supplies for Your Application

Tech Tuesday Finding the Best DC Power Supplies for Your ApplicationsPerhaps you are aware of or have used our AC power supplies and transformers, but do you know we offer DC power supplies as well? Just like many of our other products, our DC power supplies come with multiple options to best suit your application. Whether it is enclosed, track mountable, or non-isolated, we have one that’s just right for your job.

Our DC power supply models fall into two categories: adjustable and non-adjustable output. Read on to discover what Functional Devices has to offer!

Adjustable Output

PSM20A12DAS DC Power SuppliesThere are six options to choose from if an adjustable output of the DC voltage is desired. Be sure to check the specifications on each DC power supply as each is slightly different. The PSM20A12DAS is especially unique in that the output adjusts up to 14Vdc. The PSM19A24DAS may come in handy as the input is 120Vac, and it has an adjustable output from 1.5-28Vdc.

Non-Adjustable Output

PSH24DWB10 DC Power SuppliesIf an adjustable output is not needed, and 24Vdc is the desired voltage output in your application, then consider the following DC power supply options. Benefits of the non-adjustable DC power supplies include a higher power output (1-2.5A of available DC power), 120Vac input voltage, and optional enclosed configurations. Be sure to check out the datasheet to verify the specifications of each device.

As always, the Technical Support Team is here to help if you have any issues interpreting the specifications presented on the datasheets. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to discuss DC power supplies or any of our other RIB® devices!

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