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RIB Lighting Controls is now offering a line of Inverters in three series: Micro, Mini, and Midsize. These UL924 Listed inverters, with their included battery, can provide power to emergency lighting in the event of normal power loss. All three series offer a wide range of features, which include the following:

  • UL924 Listed
  • 120 or 277 VAC input/output
  • True sinusoidal output power
  • “Soft Start” reduces inrush current
  • ON, OFF, or Switched load output
  • Local test switch
inverter enclosuresInverter Enclosures

The Midsize Inverter Series comes in a surface mount enclosure, and the Micro and Mini Inverter Series offer options for surface mounting, recess mounting, or T-Grid mounting. All units and included batteries come with a 3-year warranty. All models we offer are UL Listed for use in damp locations, and all T-Grid mountable models are plenum rated to UL2043. There are also models certified to the California Energy Commission (CEC) under Title 20 Regulations.

The Micro Inverter Series offers models to power loads from 20 – 55 Watts:

Micro Inverter Series

The Mini Inverter Series offers models to power loads from 55 – 220 Watts:


The Midsize Inverter Series offers models to power loads from 375 – 600 Watts:

Midsize Inverter Series

When normal utility power to the inverter is lost, the output is automatically turned on and will provide a minimum 90-minutes of emergency power to the connected lighting load. An internal disconnect circuit will protect the battery from damage from a deep discharge. When normal utility power is restored, the unit will switch the load back to normal utility power, and the internal charger will replenish the battery within the requirements of UL924.

Adding to Functional Devices Lighting Controls emergency lighting products, the inverter series will allow for compliance with most egress lighting needs. For more details on any of our products, please go to our website or contact us directly.

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